Future Plans

My Mission

Why though?

To leave my current team in a better sustainable and well formed state. My future plans are a bit hazey but I have made the decision to have a break from my current employer in summer 2020. I may stay within the industry or I may develop a new career. Who knows.

I have actually written a reflection about my future plans. It was meant to be a blog about leadership however in writing it, I realised a few things. About a lack of resilience. About a lack of confidence in change. About being stuck mentally. All of the point to it being time to move on.

Getting stuck in. The dangers of authentic leadership in slow moving organisations.

And then…
the pivot

The above section was not included in the original submission. I reflected heavily about whether to put something anondyne in but the above was a true representation of where I was in February – March 2020.

However, then everything changed. The Pandemic Pivot to online threw every plan or problem into the air and at time of writing I know now where the pieces will land. As the above reflection showed I was doubtful on my institutions ability to change and grow. We have been forced to changed at some rapid pace and for the first time in a long time we have moved forward. A little asymmetrically but forward. The pandemic brought light and attention to digital education and gave people in the middle some evidence for their grievances and carte blanche to steam roller any road block.

Given the state of the economy it isn’t the right time to leave my role. More than that I am now an essential worker.

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