Future Plans

Tom looking excited for future challenges

In the mid to late noughties I wrote a business card. On that business card was written DJ, Learning Technologist and Political Activist. Now I would say I was about 2 of those 3 within 5 years. This is an example of what the kids call ‘manifesting’. Put ambition out into the open in the hope this will provide a platform to achieve theses goals.

On the 8th of November I start a new role within the NHS. Working directly for the NHS has been a bucket list item for my career however I have never been that interested in ‘doing’ the clinical practice. So this year I achieve my goal.

My new role is only a years contract so I get to keep being hungry for new experiences and opportunities without appearing disloyal to my current employer. Below are my ambitions for roles within the next 3 years to give me a platform to move into senior management roles thereafter.

I have decided to manifest the next few years of my career. If truth be told this kind of openness about ambition would have crippled the younger me with anxiety. However, life is about trying new things. So here I go…

Ambition 1

I am fascinated by a company in the South West called Sponge Learning #spongelearning . Now the kind of practitioner I have been to this point has not aligned with what they have been looking for. I have made a couple of attempts to discuss opportunities in the past. The truth is I am not very private sector at this moment. However, even if this never happens I would love to just find out more about how the company works and their business model.

Ambition 2

A maternity cover or any other type of short term contract as the top dog at a small to medium sized University. Something like a ‘Head of …’ or ‘Manager’ role for an entire digital education function.

Ambition 3

A short term role as an instructional or learning designer. Something between 6 – 12 months where I am focussed on design and can experience a different development methodology or a more structured process than I have up until this point.

Ambition 4

Something with the term ‘Director’ as the prefix. my previous employer stopped using this term around about the time I would have been knocking at the door of it. Still wrankles a bit but I do think it would look good on my CV.