2.a An understanding of teaching, learning and/or assessment processes


Completion of the Foundation in Teaching and Assessment through the submission of my portfolio and the passing the assessment. This was at the time the only teaching qualification available at UWE for learning support time.

Put into practice here is an example lesson plan from a wiki’s induction.

Here is a recent example (from 2018) of Digitizing OSCEs Teaching and Learning Event I held for the Faculty. Here is the video for those who could not make it that outlines managing an assessment process from nose to tail.

I am a senior assessor and mentor for the CMALT process and have marked around 6 portfolios. I have also acted as a mentor for individuals within UWE undertaking the process especially helping them understand the process. I often think doing this is the closest I get to CPD. I really focus on constructive feedback for individuals, especially referrals. I really enjoy being a lead assessor with newer assessors as they are either really hawkish or really dovish and it’s really enjoyable to show them ‘behind the curtain’.

Other evidence includes:

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I have always thought my role at UWE has had 3 elements.

The Pedagogical. Improving teaching and learning to make it more active, more student centred and more importantly feel relevant.
The Productive. Improve ways of doing things to better serve our student body.
The Possible. Make previous impossible things possible.

I am still a little under qualified for my role in regards to teaching and learning. This has been balanced out by being exposed to the industry for the length of time I have been, knowing the lexicon well and generally understanding the teaching needs of my constituency.

I am not chippy about my lack of formal qualifications or experience in a teaching role. I have literally no desire to engage with membership of the Higher Education Academy memberships. I am on the Festival of Learning steering group, heavily involved in the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committee for the Faculty etc so I must be doing something right.

Pedagogical concerns have fallen away a little since I first did this portfolio. As written elsewhere in the portfolio my job is involved in strategising, managing and lobbying. I get to do less learning design than I would like. The sessions I do do have to be didactic in nature as they are either demonstrations or punchy knowledge mobilisation exercises (short speeches at programme meetings etc).

I would say I have been around these levels for the last two years: 15% The Pedagogical. 25% The Productive. 25% The Possible. 35% Admin.

Interestingly I find myself more and more interested in taking a teaching role. So it might something I look to do in the future, for this I will probably need to deconstruct what I think I know about it. So in the future I look forward to challenging my own narrow vision of teaching and learning.