Contextual statement

Contextual statement to the contextual statement

As an additional statement can I add this is a new portfolio. I binned my previous CMALT portfolio as I wanted a chance to reflect again. I then submitted a portfolio written to be more emotional in tone and authentic to who I am was as a practitioner. It was actually quite re-traumatising and didn’t quite make the grade for Senior CMALT.

This redraft comes from a different place in time. In 2021 I decided to moved on from an employer of 10 years. It was a wrench but the right decision. So this redraft is more moderate in tone. Not least because my new role is a lot less stressful and I have emotional space to reflect with some distance.

All details within are used with consent where I need to get it or otherwise public information. I have designed this portfolio to be easy to read on phone or tablet, I would choose to consume it on a phone as I think it is easily digestible that way.

Current Resume

My career to date is outlined here – Tom Buckley Linked In CV