Educational Design Portfolio – System design

Design is really a way of thinking about the world. How to see a problem and think of a solution. One of my proudest projects was a self starting one. I noticed that we tended to not share the output of our considerable investment in eLearning investment. We worked in silos and had no mechanism to encourage sharing.

I designed and manged the production of a method of doing this in the new intranet rolled out at the University in the calendar year 2015 – ? . The method was called ourUWE and is a refereatory for published RLOs and the assets needed to recreate them in the future.

A referatory is a catalogue of resources stored elsewhere. A learning object referatory is a catalogue of stand alone e-learning resources developed here at the the University of the West of England. The learning objects themselves may be stored on a Blackboard content collection or a less well known mechanism but in this interface they are catalogued together for staff to browse, try and then use within their teaching.

Here are some images of the referatory.


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