Specialist Area 2: Collaborative eLearning development (using Xerte)

Management/administration of a sustainable e-learning process;

I am the custodian of some eLearning that’s content spans back to the dawn of time. This content was created for a partnership between the NHS and Capita to deliver CPD for the health workforce. We authored the content and kept rights to use the content. Since that day I have been the custodian of these LOs. They are kept in Xerte.

A colleague within the University has championed Xerte for a long time. I supported him in this cause and have become a bit of an evangelist. This evangelism is due to the ease of collaboration and the cloud based nature of the system. Let me explain what this means in practice:

Case Study 1 Rapid (eLearning) Tom

Rapid (eLearning) Tom

Making stuff

Hi! I am Rapid (eLearning) Tom. I work with academic partners to make content. We usually focus on content that already exists in PowerPoint. We use a rapid eLearning tool such as Adobe Presenter or iSpring Presenter. We add assets to the PowerPoint that include audio and video. We publish this Learning Object. Put it on the ‘Content Collection’ and link to it from our course.

Rapid (eLearning) Tom

Quality assuring stuff

Hey! I need this learning object checked! I have done the publishing cycle again and here is the new link. Ok, try the link again I have changed the permissions. Ok I will make that change now and give you the link (link.link(Final)).

Rapid (eLearning) Tom

Deploying stuff

Its all up there now, you have noticed a link doesn’t work in it any more and a typo? Sure when I get back of holiday I will change it and republish it. I will then change link on the VLE. You also sent it by email? Did you use the suggested link shortener so we can redirect? No, well there’s not much I can do about that.

Rapid (eLearning) Tom

Changing stuff (Three years later)

I cannot for the life of me, find the original assets I had for this project. My machine was re-imaged after I had a virus last summer and it has wiped my content. I also no longer have that version of the software I used to create this in so even if I did there are LOADS of backwards compatibility issues.

Recalcitrant Rapid (eLearning) Tom

Case Study 2 Cloud based authoring system Team

Making stuff

We either start with a storyboard or start authoring together directly on the system

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